I’m taking a course in computational theory this semester! All of those examples using languages of a and b are making me sound like a sheep in my head. baaabaabaaa ;P

Mastodon support is enabled for the blog. Don’t really know how well the integration works, but here goes.

The Leaving Eden Podcast is a lot of fun to listen to. :) Gavi and Sadie, you both do an amazing job collating information on First Baptist Church of Hammond and all of the sketchy stuff that went on there.

The Libby app and I have spent countless hours together listening to all sorts of books, this summer and last. Audiobooks are awesome! apps.apple.com

Libby, by OverDrive by OverDrive, Inc.

I’ve enjoyed listening to Walkaway by Cory Doctrow: his books have captivated me ever since I read Homeland a few years ago. I think you’ll enjoy listening (or reading) as well, if you enjoy quick-witted philosophical/political banter with more than a touch of technological jargon here and there.

Where is the Augustinian doctrine of original sin clearly put forth in scripture alone? I have the sneaking suspicion that it has does not have a purely scriptural basis and, instead, has part of its origin within Augustine’s attempt to harmonize Christian belief with Neoplatonism.

I think that I need to do better things on my days off than watch YouTube for hours. looking at you LeechBlock

Back to the grind! While some jobs can be tedious, it’s important to remind yourself of the greater goal; if you have one, that is. For me, my greater goal is to pay for my tuition in the fall and spring semesters.

Went to D.C. with family today and had some nice drizzling rain to remind me of home. It makes me sad to see so much of the capitol behind fences and armed guards.

Additionally, this site has reached 10 clicks in Google search within the last month or so. Thanks to either the people or the bots that helped me get there.

If you have the time, read How to Read a Book by Charles Van Doren and Mortimer Adler. I really enjoyed the section on the second step of analytical reading.

Finished reading The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind. In it, Mark Noll presents his case for Evangelical Christians' loss of intellectual influence.

Finished my last major English project; now I just have to take Literature next semester. To keep improving my writing and content-creation, I will write one longer-form blog post or create one video for my YouTube channel every month.

I haven’t quite learned about how to calculate an integral in Calc yet. However, after scrolling through Math StackExchange, I found out that my idea of taking the limit of an infinite summation to approximate area is just a really janky Riemann sum.