Finished reading The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind. In it, Mark Noll presents his case for Evangelical Christians' loss of intellectual influence.

Finished my last major English project; now I just have to take Literature next semester. To keep improving my writing and content-creation, I will write one longer-form blog post or create one video for my YouTube channel every month.

I haven’t quite learned about how to calculate an integral in Calc yet. However, after scrolling through Math StackExchange, I found out that my idea of taking the limit of an infinite summation to approximate area is just a really janky Riemann sum.

Calculus test today. I hope I can remember how to perform logarithmic differentiation under pressure.

Well, y’all, I’ve finished reading To The Golden Shore! And midterms are over. I’m just going to have to wait and see how the rest of the term goes.

I’ve been reading a bit of GTD (Getting Things Done by David Allen), and I’ve resolved that I’m going to be implementing the three habits that he prescribes: collection, categorization, and review.

Interterm courses are nearly over, and I’m staying up way too late readying to take my final for this History class. Hopefully, all will go well.

I completed my finals a while back and got on the President’s list. Unfortunately, I feel like I didn’t progress much academically this semester apart from improving my English. I hope that next semester will be much more challenging.

At this point, I’ve completed more than half of my finals for this semester. I have two more finals tomorrow, and then I’ll be heading home!

A couple books that some may find interesting, are Deep Work and Digital Minimalism, both by Cal Newport. I listened to Digital Minimalism over the summer and read Deep Work over winter break. Both have heavily influenced how I treat my phone and other technologies in my life.

Greek rush is over; there is just church today. Went to a “christian service” meeting. Met a few new people.

Today we are going to have Greek Rush at my school. So, I get to pick a “collegian” (PCC’s equivalent of a fraternity). I’m tempted to join Pi Rho Delta just because it sounds like Pyro Delta– :P